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The melting Mask

Scary or Not? Haunted II

I have always been afraid of the dark. Ever since I was a little girl my imagination has been playing tricks with my mind when it was dark. That creepy feeling of someone or something lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the right moment to…

It doesn’t matter where I am, indoors, outdoors, in the city or the forest or with whom. It could be a sound, a scary movie (which I don’t like to watch) or just the thought of looking in the morror when brushing my teeth at night and realize there is a monster or a murderer creeping up behind me.

20 oktober 2016
20 oktober 2016

I read a great deal of Stephen King and Dean Koontz as a teenage, and I guess that helped me with coming up with scary scenarios and scary people and things. Both realistic one’s and non realistic, it didn’t matter. So, with Halloween coming up I thought I’ll try to take photos that looks scary to me in some way. I don’t know if they really are, but maybe that depends on your imagination and what you are scared of?

Have a nice Sunday ;)

Yes, it is me
Yes, it is me as Jack “the Pumkin’ King” Skellington