Ragged by time


15 september 2016
15 september 2016

I am beginning to see more and more of myself in my photos, they become more and more a reflection of who I am or how I feel in the moment of capture. I can see that  they are all more or less some kind of self portraits, but I can’t really figure out if it is me that is changing, not being able to see this before, or if it is my photographs that are progressing (?) and changing in that direction.

Perhaps it is a combination of both?


16 thoughts on “Ragged by time

  1. Great images, Lena! – I think it’s like in a relationship. The two parts influence each other in the same way. In the big picture you can’t really tell what influence led to what reaction… …but in the first place, the result should be good!

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  2. With each made a photograph sell a piece of themselves. In each photograph are our feelings, thoughts, joys, sorrows, our hopes and fears. Who watches the photographs very carefully can see more than what we wanted to show.

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    1. You have such a great way to put it in to words, I agree with that, maybe I just haven’t been able to see this before. I guess it is a developement of my own mind thanks to photography.
      Thank you very much Andrew for your wise thougts.

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      1. “I guess it is a developement of my own mind thanks to photography.” – Anyway it is.
        Once upon a time I was asked why I photograph. I answered that this my hobby, the form of the play and it is necessary in order to create something. I wondered later over this question. I found that photographing helped more to see, my sensibility changes. In shapes, in the game of colours, in the stain of falling light, whether in shadows I can see this, what do not see other. When other see this in my photographs, these are surprised that never this so they did not see. And this is the answer – photographing opens our mind for the better the cognition of the world and teaches findings us himself in the newly uncovered world. Heartily I greet, Andrew.


        1. I would have answer tje same way you did, that it is my hobby but it has become so much more than that. I also take photos to create and express myself and to try to understand me and my realations to the world around me. It has become necessary to photograph for me. And it help me to find myself in a new way. I have always tried to find ways to express my self, as a child I could sit for hours to draw paintings. And still it was a coincidense that I bought a camera six years ago… or at least I thought it was a coinsidence back then. Now I am beginning to believe it was a choice made by my mind without telling me :-)
          Thanks again Andrew.

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    1. I recognize myself in that, it sure does take time to change the way you look at things and to see things from a different angle. You sometimes think – this time I really did something different – and end up with a photo you have several similar ones before in your archive.

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