Focus on what?




Should I continue this blog or should I start a new one, write in english or in swedish? Stop participate all photo challenges or stop? I do take pictures, but I’m not pleased with the results. It feels like I’m stuck and not developing, that most of my photos are boring and lack in emotions.

I really miss expressing myself in swedish, it is not the same using a second language when it comes to express and play with words and it does take a lot of efford and time so…

I guess I will continue my pause here for the time being…


A friend made me notice that it is not possible to comment on this post and I got no idea why, I will try to find out why. In the meanwhile please comment on my previuos post if you would like to say something. Sorry about this, and I hope I can figure out this problem soon.



Sorry, but I just doen’t seem to be able to salve the problem with commenting on this post, but It looks like it is going to work with new posts!


~ Lena


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