Frog or toad?

How can you tell?

Frog or Toad?
Frog or Toad? (2 cm)

This little fellow was out walking and jumping the other day and I just had to lay down in the middle of the street taking his portrait. I wonder what the man in the car passing by thought I was up to? The photo is a bit cropped.

~ Lena


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11 thoughts on “Frog or toad?

  1. Not sure, it doesn’t look like a specie we have over here. Good shot though, the driver may have thought you were a bit loopy though! 👍🏻😍


  2. Nej, men vilken liten söt groda !! Ja, vad gör man inte för att få den där bilden. Skulle utan tvekan gjort detsamma sen får andra tänka och tycka vad de vill ;-)


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