Rainbowed Sunbeams
Rainbowed Sunbeams

… and by the way, how come some photos looks horrible in the reader?

~ Lena


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36 thoughts on “Radiate

  1. Oh, the reader …. Dont’ know why people prefer this mean white destroyer of individuality and taste, if not because of not really having a look on the contents, only at its time-saving function just to keep things going.
    On your site, images get a special extra-glow from the dark background.
    But as I learned by the years, is whenever I changed to darker Themes, there were always people complaining, who still visit my blog old-school, so there is a dilemma.


    1. I use the reader to check in on you if I am not at home (via my mobilephone) and to se all who have posted something new, but then I check out the blogs of my followers to se the pictures. You notice quite quick if people are using the reader if the comment only on the photo seen in the reader and never notice if you’ve got several photos in a post.
      I lost a couple of followers when I changed my background to dark, but I changed it to a dark grey instead of the black I tried first. I like it this way and I don’t think I will change it back. Thank you fpr your comment Puzzleblume, it is always interesting to se how other peolpe think and prefer.

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      1. Hi Lena. Yes, it has been awhile. I’m finally settled in my new home, but still waiting for living room furniture to be delivered. I’ll be posting some pictures soon. Hope all is well with you. :)


  2. Agree with the others – the glowing, fleeting feeling is delicious. And I do not like the reader…I also feel a certain anger at what it is doing to our blogs – people not recognising there are more photos than just one. And most bloggers have a a thought behind the combination of pictures, and a story to go with it.

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    1. Exactly, if you have a thread in your serie of pictures it is lost and for me the whole apperance of the blog is important for the expression. And I don’t like that my theme (which I like in all other ways) had taken out the ability to click to enlarge the photos.


      1. My theme has lost it as well. I have to put in a link to each and every picture myself. and sometimes you have to click twice to make it work. Agree on the importance of the appeareance. I think every blogger is particular about that – just to be slapped in the creative face instead…

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        1. I to lazy to do that, I think a lot of things have been worse since the new reader and notice-system began. Some comments disapear both from the old admin-site and the new notis-system. It could be weeks before you see them by coinsidence while looking at an old post for some reason.


    1. Thank you very much Noortje for your lovely comment. It made me very glad. Don’t use it, it is like a curse for us who loves photography.


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