Emotography Week 25/2016

I decided to give Claudettes weekly challenge Emotography a try. This will be my first particiaption for this challenge, so I hope I got it right! If not, please let me know.

Emotography Week 25/2016
Emotography Week 25/2016

This picture was taken this morning considering all the bad news overwhelming us these days from all over the world. I just can’t help letting it get to me, all the dark things that goes on around us everyday, but to give it a touch of hope I wanted to show hope in the picture aswell and why not an angel holding out a heart?

We must never loose hope of the good things in life or the love and caring people!

~ Lena


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14 thoughts on “Emotography Week 25/2016

  1. Hi Lena, welcome. I really like your photo and the emotion you feel behind it. I think hope is something we all need to cultivate more, it seems it is a very easy thing to lose. When I look at your photo I see one person, standing in the semi-dark but holding their heart close to them and preparing to stand up for their beliefs.


    1. That was a lovely interpretation of the picture Claudette and you understand my intention exactly. It is easy to loose hope…
      Thank you very much for your nice and wise comment.

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