B&W Sunday: Unexspected

Unexpected is what Paula want us to share for this weeks challenge, and this is what I came up with. Is it unexpected enough?

A bad sign at the shoreline
A bad sign in the sky
A Queen of Everything in my archive
A Queen of Everything in my archive


Wan’t some more unexpected surprises? Click the link – Paula Black & White Sunday

And for the record, Bad means bath in Swedish. Thank you for your visit and have a nice day!

~ Lena


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18 thoughts on “B&W Sunday: Unexspected

  1. Oj, du ser klurig och lite bestämd ut. Badskylten måste vara rolig att få syn på för engelsktalande, det finns ju bad shorts också om man inte ser upp med att skriva ihop.


      1. Thank you, Lena. I was really sad this morning when I read you. Later I remembered that I had been interrupted when I went through entry links for that challenge. That was a weekend full of knee pains for me and maybe I took too many pain killers. Have a good evening, Lena!


          1. Nothing that requires surgery, but it is limiting my walking and I can’t go up or down the stairs since last August, and it can take a long time still.


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