Unexpected Meeting – In English

This is somewhat a translation in English of the text in my previous post Okänt möte – Lite personligt!

One piece of the "ocean" of Linnea Borealis Flowers
One piece of the “ocean” of Linnea Borealis Flowers


Here I am sitting on the couch with a pensive mind, scratching me like a dog on the bites from the midges I got all over my body yesterday, that wasn’t covered in clothes. I have been drawing and painting since I was a little girl, always been fascinated by pictures of all sorts. When I was about six years old I got a camera which I enjoyd very much and I still got those pictures saved in an old album.

For some reason ( I can’t recall) my interest in photograhpy didn’t last for long at that time, maybe the camera was broken, It became to expensive, I don’t know. The only thing I remember is that I went back to the drawing instead which I still do occasionally.

Anyway, for a couple of years back there where a lot happening in my life that made me serch of a new hobby. A hobby that I easily would be able to do anywhere without to much efford or preparations, that would be possible to do at the same time I was taking care of my son what ever we were up to and wherever we went. It really was a coincidence (or maybe it was my subconscious who was guiding me) it became photography I choosed.

It turned out to be a perfect hobby for the state I was in for the time being. I’m not sure of the right English term, but I had burned myself out totally and had hit the wall. The camera quickly became my best friend, it was easy to put out the camera at any time, It didn’t demanded any planing, I could take it with me everywhere and it didn’t cost a fortune perform this kind of hobby. It became my rekreation, and it made me get out of the house when I got the chance.

I never cared to read any handbooks, technical information or texts about photography. Neither have I read much about famous photographers or photography itself. Not because I don’t care or in lack of interest but because I use photography first of as a way to escape reality and to try to find new energy and happiness, not to be more stressed out by putting even more pressure on myself which I know I would have done. And I really fell for photography big time!

Today I guess I have learned some things about photgraphy, and I have been reading a little bit about it at different skilled bloggers, but if the texts are to long (which even goes for blogposts my followers wright – Sorry!) I still can’t read them after I burned out, that skill hasn’t returned and I don’t know if it ever will. For me that is very sad, I belong to the people who used to read at least four books a week, both about facts and novels.


Linnea Borealis
Linnea Borealis

But, back to the headline of this post..

Yesterdays unexpected meeting with the Linnea Borealis ( the flower in the picture) made me lyrical and very happy. To run into this amazing little pink and sheer flower in the forest was a wonderful experience. I have never seen it in real life before and didn’t expect it to happen either since I didn’t thought it grew in my part of Sweden. I have visit this forest before for several years, strolled by the exact same spot taking photographs at the beutiful ferns and the moss there but never seen even one Linnea before. It made me really happy!

I was so thrilled by this occation that I didn’t dare to get my photos uploaded in case they all would be ruined, the midges had been very aggressive so it was a real challenge trying to hold the camera steady while photographing. But this morning I took the courage to open the map… and yes, some of the pictures was really diffuse because of the midges but fortunately there where a couple of good ones too. And since the forest is just around the corner from my home I could dress upp in a diving suit, or even better, use some mosquito repellant and go back there again any day!

I have a lot of thoughts about what I want with my photography and how to continuing to develope in the way I want and can, depending of what my energy will allow. I have no answers to this yet, but I do know that I want to be able to express more of what I feel inside. I realized that what ever I do or wherever I go I scan the enviroment for interesting objects to take a picture of and I do know that if I could I would run arond with my camera 24/7!

I hope my English was good enough for you to understand this post – I am sure there are quite a few misspelled words and the wrong tenses so I thank you for your patience.

Thank you very much for reading this and welcome back!

~ Lena


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21 thoughts on “Unexpected Meeting – In English

  1. Well your english is perfect for a start! Its funny how people find their ways to photography love. my husband a few years back wnated to give me a camera as a christmas present and a course too and i said ” nah photography is not my thig”and here i am on my second photography course and a third one in line loving it everyday and i am sure this is a forever type love! I too have a forest just behind my house , my little piece of heaven as i like to call it, and i love going back there and explore. once i even seen a deer but was too late to catch it on camera.. was lovely to read your translation :) worth the wait :)


    1. Thank you very much, I am so glad you took the time to read and to comment.
      I have both the forest and the ocean a couple of minutes from my home, so I am a very lucky person in that sence. And it sure is funny how we found our different ways into photography. But once your in you can’t quit! :)

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  2. Respect for you. Now I understand your text. My English isn’t very good either so what. 😉 heavy texts about your live, not very easy every day I think. But even the better that you can escape into your photographies. I can’t read a book no longer also and if there is to much texts I pass but i love seeing photos. Have a nice evening 😊


    1. Then you understand this text very well, I usually look at the photos and not the long text like you. I wish you a lovely evening too. 😊


  3. Din engelska är väldigt bra, men det är inte min, så jag håller mig till det svenska språket :-D Ditt inlägg berör, och jag är glad att du hittade tillbaka till fotograferingen, det är en fantastisk terapi för själen. Jag känner igen mig i mycket av det du skriver, och fotografering har gett mig väldigt mycket. Tack för alla underbara bilder du delar med dig av. Va rädd om dig!


    1. Håll dig till det språk som passar dig bäst och som sagt så finns ju texten på svenska också. Tusen tack för din fina och personliga kommentar, det uppskattar jag mycket. Ta väl hand om dig också!

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  4. The language was perfect, dear Lena! And coming directly from your heart, it is pure and beautiful! Hope you are feeling better today. Take care during your next visit to the magic forest so close to you. Hugs, my dear friend! ;-)


    1. Thank you Fabio, always such a great supportive friend. The gnats are still itching but it I have a nice sunday ahead. I hope everything is great with you and your love ones. :-)
      Have a nice sunday my friend.


  5. Lena, many thanks for taking the time to write this in English. It is interesting to learn a little about your life and how you came into photography. I enjoy your photos immensely and I too shy away from long written posts. I try to keep mine brief although that does not always work out. Long may you continue to take photos and enjoy the process :)


    1. Thank you Ruth for you kind words, and I think many of us amature photographers are getting our energy from photography and by looking at others photos. We really don’t know much about each other out here in the blogosphere so I thought it was time to get a bit personal for once. And to explain why I’m not always commenting my followers posts. I aporeciate you took the time to read an commenting Ruth, I am glad you did. Have a nice evening/day!

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  6. I understood it all perfectly, well written! And well done, to find something to get you through tough times, this hobby (or passion!) that helps you deal with the sharp corners of life, allows you to escape everyday hassle when you need it… At least that’s what it does for me. And then it makes you very happy when seeing such beautiful thing as the flower above, you never expected and even manage to capture so well, despite the harassing bugs!! Again: well done :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ruth for you kind words, and I think many of us amature photographers are getting our energy from photography and by looking at others photos. We really don’t know much about each other out here in the blogosphere so I thought it was time to get a bit personal for once. And to explain why I’m not always commenting my followers posts. I aporeciate you took the time to read an commenting Ruth, I am glad you did. Have a nice evening/day!


    2. Thank you very much Noortje for you comment. I really appreciate that you took the time to read and yes it sure has become great passion. Nature is fantastic. Have a great Sunday!


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