B&W Sunday: Timeless

This sunday Paula want’s us to be timeless, and this in my approch:

B&WS | Timeless ~ Music
B&WS | Timeless ~ Music

I guess there is nothing more timeless than music, at least that is for me. I was brought up in a home where there where a lot of different kinds of music playing all the time, and several of my relatives played instruments.

At the age of fifteen my collection of records inkluded all from Frank Sinatra to Nina Hagen. I don’t think I would survive without music, it can really fit your every mood. It can lift you up when your down, make you feel warn when you freeze and set your energy high when the level is low.

Here is two of my first remebered favourites:

Magic Trumpet  ~ Herb Alpert  &  Rain ~ Josè Feliciano

 (the links will direct you to youtube).

~ Lena


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