Low perspectives
Low perspectives

I wan’t to apologize and explain why I am not commenting on your posts lately as I use to do. My energy level is very low right now and I need to save as much energy as I can. I do check your posts even though I’m not always make a comment.

I wish you all a great Sunday!

~ Lena


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29 thoughts on “Low

  1. Lena, I love the way you shot this photo. I imagine you lying on the ground, taking the shot, then just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. :-) As for not commenting and not having a lot of energy, don’t worry. We’ve all been there and will be again. When we were in Philadelphia for our daughter’s graduation, I posted (scheduled in advance), but didn’t get online much and certainly didn’t comment much. Life is too important to squander online!



    1. You are very wise Janet, and thank you for your kind words. As you write life has to come first.
      About the image you are near the trouth exept for me moving a bit for resting. We have a very nasty little insect at the swedish east coast that bites and uses our blood. They are no more than a mm before they bite so they are very hard to see. Some of those creepy insects has a deseace that is quite severe if you catch it. So you don’t stay too long in the grass and look very carful through your body when you come home.


  2. Looking at my reader I could guess why your energy level is low. You are posting a lot. May be too much? Photography could also be a journey. A journey to yourself. I was thinking the other day of changing my way of working with my blog. 95% photography and 5% WordPress was my thinking. Sometimes it is more 50/50. Whatever! Comments or not. I read your (English) and view (all) your posts. Don’t think that our interaction level has any influence on that. Take your time, take your camera and shoot. And post your gems. All the best and keep your head above water. Smiles. Reinhold


    1. I probably post too much…or at least faster than I need. I think you are right about that 95% or somewhere near that is a good level. At the same time this is a way for me to stop thinking to much of some parts in life that is going on that I don’t like and can’t change either so it is a bit difficult to choose.
      Thank you for your kind words Reinhold, I aporeciate them. Have a great week! :)

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