Black & White Sunday: Texture

This week Paula wan’t us to refere our photo to the word texture and also to a quote she found, written by Paul Scott:

“The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present.”

For me the choise where obvious when I read that quote, how could I choose anything else but rocks by the ocean?

B&WS | Texture ~ Inner rocks on our surface
B&WS | Texture ~ Inner rocks on our surface

I believe that our past really forms our future, with all good and bad things we are carrying within our minds. We are sanded by the things happening in our life’s, just like the rocks are sanded by the waves of the ocean. Life give us scars like cracks, both in our souls and as wrinkels on our faces, just like the time has made cracks in the rocks.

Now I hope you understand my interpretation here dispite of my low English skills. Thank you for your visit and I hope you like my entry.

~ Lena


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5 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Texture

    1. Thank you very much Paula, and I’m sorry that I’m not commenting as I usally do but my energy level is way too low right now. But I will be back soner or later.


      1. I am sorry to hear that, but we are in sync I’m afraid. If I hadn’t committed to publishing challenges I would have been absent right now. Sometimes all exhaustions in one’s life make even pastimes look like a burden. Thank you for keeping in touch. Take good care.

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