Autism: Higher risk of premature death/Större risk att dö i förtid

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I usually don’t write about autism on my photoblog, but since this is a study that could have an impact on my world I did an exception. The world needs a whole lot of more facts and information about autism since there are so many stupid prejudices that abound, and this study shows that there are way to low knowledge about autism in the world, even among people that really should know a lot. For instance health care, education, social services and agencies. This is just one of many things that are related to autism, of course but it say a lot of how neglection and lack of knowledge can strike.

[… A registry study conducted at Karolinska Institutet and published in The British Journal of Psychiatry shows that the risk of premature death is about 2.5 times higher for people with autism spectrum disorder than for the rest of the population. …]

A link to the Karolinska Institute’s article: People with autism run a higher riska of premature death

What is autism? In short words it is a lifelong, disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them. Some with high intellectual skills, others with intellectual disabilities.


People with autism do not have a lack of empathy, rather the opposite, that can overwhelm them.

Autism is not a diseace, it is a lifelong disability

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To spread information/facts save lives/Att sprida fakta räddar liv
To spread information/facts save lives/Att sprida fakta räddar liv

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Jag brukar inte skriva om autism på min fotoblogg , men eftersom detta är en studie som kan ha inverkan på min värld jag gjorde ett undantag. Världen behöver en hel del mer fakta och information om autism eftersom det finns så många dumma fördomar som florerar, och denna studie visar att det finns alldeles för låg kunskap om autism i världen, även bland människor som verkligen behöver ha den kunskapen, te x inom vården och omsorgsenheter av olika slag, myndigheter m.m. Detta är dock bara en mycket liten del i det stora hela.

[… En registerstudie vid Karolinska Institutet publicerad i The British Journal of Psychiatry visar att risken att dö i förtid för människor med autismspektrumtillstånd är runt 2,5 gånger högre än för resten av befolkningen. …]

Länk till KI’s artikel: Personer med autism har större risk att dö i förtid

Vad är autism? I korta ord är det en livslång funktionsnedsättning som påverkar hur en person kommunicerar med och relaterar till andra människor, och hur de upplever världen omkring sig. Några med högt intellekt, andra med intellektuella funktionsnedsättningar.


Autister har inte brist på empati, snarare kan det överväldiga dem.

Autism är inte en sjukdom, det är en livslång funktionsnedsättning.

2,5 times higher risk/2,5 ggr så hög risk...
2,5 times higher risk/2,5 ggr så hög risk…

Tack för att du tog dig tid att läsa!

~ Lena


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16 thoughts on “Autism: Higher risk of premature death/Större risk att dö i förtid

  1. I know about some facts, so I agree with you, that it is important to learn as much as possible about a state of mind, that seems to be more imaginable in moments, everybody goes through once or twice in life, when something happened, that was too overwhelming and one wants to shut down all contacts, noises and expectations from outside of oneself – for a while. I have seen a tv-production about autism and the ways of caregiving, mainly in Canada and I wasn’t content at all with that way of conditioning by treats, I felt, the kids just acted to be left in peace.
    Also, there is to know that there a several kinds of autism, with Asperger for example, a diagnosis often is very late. But in all, it seems to be easier to cope with, when parents are strong enough and loving enough, to go a more individual way, with more consciousness for their kid and family than too much trusting in the professional health-care and social system, which – to my opinion – just wants to produce functions in a running system, not individual happiness
    And so it is urgently needed, that parents are more aware with their autistic kid than “the system” does. I think, a higher risk of premature death has t do with a lack of assertiveness against the mainstream. Not every mum or dad are able to insist, when it comes to oldschool psychologic or medical evidence.
    A big subject, when it comes to “Father’s Day” and “Mother’s Day” we have in Germany this week-end. Wishing you all the best.


    1. I agree on all that. Canada, USA and France have in many ways a horrible way to look at autism. And the just put all efford to change people to being “normal” no matter what consequenses it may take. I am not impressed by their “knowledge”. But we lack of knowledge in Sweden too, and the school…. oh my.. :(
      Thank you for your wise comment Puzzleblume.

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    2. And by the way, it may look as if it is easier to live with asperger but it has two aspects, one is that you understand a whole lot more but on the other hand it makes other people think you are “normal” and doesn’t understand that you still got the same disabilities. It is very provocative for some adults and they think you can punish away the difficulties.


  2. Det är väldigt viktigt att lyfta fram kunskap om autism. Jag har börjat läsa och informera mig sedan jag har en granne med ett autistiskt barn som dessutom har ADHD.


  3. Ja, upplysning och fakta är något som många i samhället borde ta del av. Det är så lätt att skapa sej förutfattade meningar om något som är okänt eller kanske t om skrämmer en lite. Tack för att du delar med dej!


    1. Sant och jag vet få saker som är så stigmatiserat och fyllt av fördomar som just neuropsykiatriska funktionsnedsättningar. (ADHD, ADD, Tourette, Autism/Asperger m.m.). Media har en stor skuld i detta, för att inte tala om scientologins lobbyister.


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