Waiting for the pollinators

The Maple has just started to bloom, so now I’m just waiting on the small bumble bees that usually flock to the tree, just outside my window. It is one of my favourite times a year when the arrive and you can hear there buzzing around to collect nectar.

Maple starting to bloom
Maple starting to bloom
Waiting for the bumble bees
Waiting for the bumble bees

I ‘m sorry I haven’t been as frequent reading your blogs for a while now, but I’ve been running out of energy because of too many big changes going on in my life for the moment. I hope you don’t feel too neglected?

~ Lena


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12 thoughts on “Waiting for the pollinators

  1. Hope all goes okay Lena, sometimes life just takes over and we just don’t have time. Take care of yourself:)


  2. Ja, det är tur att träd som blommar relativt tidigt finns för humlorna att kalasa på! Fina bilder, förstår att du är glas att ha trädet utanför fönstret.


    1. Tack snälla rara Anita 💙 Ja det hoppas jag också och en gnutta tur vill jag nog ha också, det är nåt jag alltid haft lite för lite av.


  3. I am very happy that you visit my blog so often. Today I took the time to go backwards in your blog and I enjoyed your posts a lot. I will travel the next few weeks but I will come back!


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