An evening stroll by the Sea

Finally the pier to my favourite little island have been repaired, down at the harbour. It was broken during the storms last december. Here are a gallery of pictures from yesterday’s evening stroll just before sunset. I hope you like it!

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~ Lena


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29 thoughts on “An evening stroll by the Sea

    1. Yes it was! Like comming home after a long journey. It was so quiet and no wind at al wich is very rare out there, and it was just me and nature.


    1. Thank you Sonia, and yes it is a very peaceful place. And that boat… I probably have around hundred pictures of it from the last five-six years. I just can’t walk by it without taking a snap.

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  1. Sunbeams är den jag fastnar mest för… Det religiösa ljuset. Fina kvällar vi har framför oss nu. Härliga stämningsbilder.


    1. Ja, jag blev så glatt överraskad. De hade sagt att den kanske skulle hinna lagas till sommaren, så det kändes fint att redan nu kunna gå ut där.


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